Savon Soitannollinen seura

Savonia Musical Society

Principal partners

DONNE—Women in Music

KVAST—The Association of Swedish Women Composers (Kvinnlig anhopning av Svenska tonsättare)

Chicago City Wide Symphony Orchestra

The Society cooperates with these organizations to spread information and material about Finnish female composers and to distribute material digitised by the Society to international orchestras and institutions. In addition, the society works in cooperation with the Kuopio Alava Congregation and Varkaus Congregation of the Finnish Lutheran Church.


* Oskar Öflund Foundation

* MES (The Finnish Music Foundation)

* TAIKE (Arts Promotion Centre Finland)

* PeeÄssä cooperative (Osuuskauppa PeeÄssä)


* Conductor Henrik Schaefer, Gothenburg Opera

* Prof. emerita Eva Öhrström, Royal College of Music, Stockholm

*The estate of composer Ailsa Dixon

*Violinist Mirka Malmi