Savon Soitannollinen seura

Savonia Musical Society


At the moment the Society is digitising a major, practically forgotten concertante work by a Finnish composer from the remaining instruments parts, as the score is missing. In addition, we're preparing a concert for March 23-24.

Next concert:

Our next concert programme is as follows:

  • Ida Moberg: Tyrannens natt (The Night of the Tyrant), a cantata not performed for almost 110 years, now digitised by the Society.
  • Amanda Maier-Röntgen: Violin concerto D minor (soloist: Benjamin Hirschovits), first performance in Finland
  • Elfrida Andrée: Symphony n:o 2 A minor, digitised by the Society. The work was recorded in the 1990's the the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra but they omitted 100 bars of the Finale. Now the work will be heard in its entirety for the first time since 1904 and for the first time in Finland.